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CopCards Patrol Guide

Our most popular set since 2006!
Simple. Effective. Necessary.

CopCards Patrol Guide are the idea of a UMOS who passed all three promotional exams the first time around, each time with a list number below 100. One of the keys to successful preparation is having ready access to all of the lists and definitions from the Patrol Guide that must be memorized by rote, and being able to study them when you find yourself with some spare time.

Memorizing things like the juvenile offender list, what makes for a special category missing, who’s fingerprintable and who can’t get a DAT takes effort, and requires a commitment to study whenever the opportunity arises. Being on patrol makes the challenges multiply.

CopCards Patrol Guide help you by delivering the most important lists and definitions in the Patrol Guide in a simple, durable, and portable card format. There are 110 cards that focus in on these key lists, definitions, and core procedures. One look at the contents of CopCards Patrol Guide will make that clear. No batteries, no software, nothing to fail or break. Just important knowledge, selected and condensed for easy carry.

They’re not a replacement for the Patrol Guide, but a handy tool to have with you wherever you may be. If you have some down time, your CopCards Patrol Guide will be there, ready to go in a 4.25” x 5.5” portable card format that is more convenient and concise than other promotional products. Also try CopCards Penal Law and CopCards LT.

To order, simply click on this link and pay by PayPal or check or money order. You'll have your cards in less than a week and every day thereafter to help get yourself promoted.

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